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bored ghost?

About Us

bored ghost is an actual play audio series of collaborative storytelling focused narrative over game play. While you the audience are the bored ghosts: spirits in the ether and wordless observers of this theatre of the mind, you are not passive. Instead, much like an immersive theatre experience, you exist inside the world of the story and have the agency to explore and follow the characters you find most interesting. What you experience of the story is up to you.

Ghosts are not always silent: they can shout through the ether and make their presence felt. For while the characters, worlds and their stories explored in bored ghost are constructs, your experience of those characters and the moments you spend in their world are real.  Our shared stories are both ephemeral and lasting, for they exist both in the digital ether and in your memories.

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Who We Are

The bored ghost players are akin to spirits themselves as they take on forms spun out of ethereal shadows, creating and inhabiting characters for you to experience before slipping out of those forms to return to the shapeless ether once more. 

Our roster of Bored Ghosts:


John Holt  @lordjoho

Brooklyn based Animation Producer for music videos, promos, shorts and commercials; John developed and directed animated television series for close to ten years. In his youth he spent more time drawing and writing up characters for D&D then actually playing the game. That love of gaming and the possibilities of story have stayed with him. John engineers and edits our stories.


Ken Breese @berlingsbeard

Brooklyn based, though originally from the wild forest & shores of Northern California, Ken is an avid tabletop gamer, with 24 years experience in the medium, who is passionate about inclusivity, collaboration, diverse points of view, social consciousness and world building. Sole proprietor of BerlingsBeard, a company focused on producing socially interactive game events, Ken has been running games privately for 17 years and publicly for 8 years. There’s always a new horizon.

Pierce the Veil

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