Episode 074: Decaying Orbit pt2 (Final Girl)


Decaying Orbit, part 2

The Final Girl

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In the beginning, there was darkness. And the darkness was without form, and void.” – Bomb#20

What the hell is he talking about?” – Boiler

And in addition to the darkness there was also me. And I moved upon the face of the darkness. And I saw that I was alone. Let there be light.” – Bomb#20


A medical orbital ship encounters something beyond their futuristic tech.

To learn more about how The Final Girl is played check out our primer episode.

The Location for this game:

A Space Research Med-Station Ship.

The Killer for this game:

An unknown contagion.

The characters for this game:

H.A.R.O.L.D. – a helpful medical cyborg

Seth Beauragard – security officer

‘Gummy’ – the pet lab animal with an experimental speech chip

Steve Stevenson – the foul-mouthed mechanical engineer

Kandace – the perky morale officer

Chaz Pilakki – Astro-Physicist

Eric – the sexy medical intern all the doctors lust after

Axe – the hard-drinking systems repair engineer

Dr. Cassidy Fest – the madame of microbiology

Prince Sebastian – the long-haired tabbycat

Mrs. Gymby – the loving housekeeper

Magda ‘Granny’ Kokola – the xeno-veterinarian

Brother Corius – the deeply pious monk of the Order of the Shining One

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