Episode 069: Animated Consent pt1 (Fiasco)


Animated Consent, part 1

Fiasco – The Big Anime Con

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“I do enjoy animated movies. I really love anime and movies like ‘Spirited Away’ and ‘Howl’s Moving Castle.'” – Nicolas Cage

Costume clad con-goers cavort in an orgy of 2d worship.


To learn more about how Fiasco is played check out our primer episode.

The characters for this game:

Misty Marshall (D Gailey) – Cosplay and social media maven.

Max “Spike” Greenfield (Ken Breese) – Brother of Katie, a trust-funded youth.

Katie Greenfield (Tiffany Cook) – New to the Con scene- also a trust-funded youth like her brother ‘Spike.’

Nicholas Kagan (John Holt) – A veteran of the the Con scene.


The grid for this game:

Between Ken and John: Otaku Bonding – Drunken Revelers, and the Need to Get Laid with a Hot Cosplayer.

Between John and D: College – Tabletop Gaming Group, and an Object – a Rare Prohibited Weapon

Between D and Tiffany: Networking – a ‘Business’ venture, and the Need to have ‘Fun’ at someone else’s expense.

Between Tiffany and Ken: Family – Siblings who tend to Fight but both like Anime, and a Location, a Hotel Suite.

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