Episode 066: The Scorpion Departs pt2 (Home By Dark)


The Scorpion Departs, part 2

Home By Dark

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“We’re all going to die and they’re never going to give me my license!”
― E.T.

A chilly New England island holds a mystery that could save the people of the island and perhaps the world.

To learn more about how Home By Dark is played check out our primer episode.

The characters for this game:

Moira Payne (Liza Cortright) – A bookish 16 yr old who works at the ferry ticketing office.

Bailey Tanwell (Ken Breese) – A 19 year old beach-bum who works for the ferry.

Cormac Wainwright (Zach Norton) – The ferryman who shuttles seasonal visitors from the mainland.

Sawyer Payne (John Holt) – And 11 year old boy- one of the few kids in his generation on the island.


The setup for this game:


The Secret: A Selkie with the ability to control the weather and calm the storm.

The Pursuer: Trident Industries and Dr Theodore Gilman, a cover for a group of people who wish to raise the lost city of Atlantis and regain their position of glory and power.

The Danger: The Wrath of the Sea, whether a natural force or called by the family of the Selkie, it threatens to swallow the island beneath the waves.

The Setting: Schaeffer’s Landing, Maine. Fall mid 70’s

Fishing Pole
Flare Gun
Compact Mirror
Inflatable Raft

The Eastend, a desolate stretch of island that faces the open sea
Westend Boardwalk, the town center and where the ferry lets off
The Library, a modest two-room building with stacks and stacks of books.
The Salt House, a glorified shack, sometimes used for salting a catch, mostly used as a place to drink.

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