Episode 055: The Once and Future Thing pt1 (Fiasco)


The Once and Future Thing, part 1

Fiasco – Echoes of the Lost City

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“Ah,” she said, “to come is easy and takes hours; to go is different—and may take centuries.”
Robert W. Chambers, The King in Yellow

Through all time and beyond reason exists the city.


To learn more about how Fiasco is played check out our primer episode.

The characters for this game:

Hank Rockfort (Ken Breese) – 52yr old explorer and adventurer- hardened and still strong, but has lost much of his memory.

The Mysterious Stranger (Sharang Biswas) – A figure of unclear gender with equally mysterious powers and motives.

Midge Bones (John Holt) – A woman who has taken her research out of the library.


The grid for this game:

Between Ken and John: Echoes – Have you read the Accursed Book? and a Need – To Destroy the Face in the Mirror

Between John and Sharang: Power Play – Woman Seduced by an Enigmatic Stranger and an Object – a creature in the form of a life-sized marionette strung up through the ceiling.

Between Sharang and Ken: Family – Estranged Father and Child and a Location – The Lost City, Wandering down Endless Streets

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Bored Ghosts we hope you found some distraction from your eternity in the void this week!

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