Episode 045: Village on the Barrowlands, pt1 (Kingdom)


Village on the Barrowlands, part 1

Kingdom – The Hamlet

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Eric: Oh, come on, I know exactly where we are!

Presto: Yeah, a hundred miles from nowhere and fifty miles from anyplace.

A small village is perched on top of a den of horror and the promise of treasure.

To learn more about how Kingdom is played check out our primer episode.

The characters for this game:

Gonzo Lameleg (Ken Breese) – Former adventure, now damaged and living in the swamp.

Patriarch Pugnacious Zachariah (D Gailey) – The spiritual leader of the Hamlet.

Zinnia Faltine (John Holt) – An apprentice to the town’s sage, the Alchemist.


The Kingdom for this game:

The Hamlet, a quiet town far from civilization in the middle of a forest.


  1. Outsiders (AKA Adventurers) could overwhelm the Hamlet.
  2. Our economy relies on having a steady stream of adventurers
  3. The things below the Hamlet threaten to come pouring to the surface.


  1. Forager’s Camp in the Swamp
  2. Ruined Tower with stairs that lead Down
  3. The Church Vault
  4. The”Luck ‘o the Draw” Tavern
  5. The Cartographer’s Printing Press
  6. The Master Alchemist’s Shop

The Conflict:

Conflict: Will The Hamlet allow the Children of the White Sword to go below?

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