Episode 033: Reverse Vampirism, pt1 (Fiasco)


Reverse Vampirism, part 1

Fiasco – Science Comics

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“What good is science if no one gets hurt?”
― Chrome Dome from The Tick

3rd-rate heroes and villains toil in the muck beneath the shining city.


To learn more about how Fiasco is played check out our primer episode.

The characters for this game:

Roger Stevenson, AKA Incisor (Steven Moverley) – An aged vampire hunter, from back when they weren’t a protected class.

Victoria Duplinious 5 (Stacey Douglass Moverley) – Female clone of the late Doctor Victor Duplinious.

Victor Duplinious 17, AKA Incisor (John Holt) – Male clone of the late Doctor Victor Duplinious, styles himself a dental villain.

Sabel O’Hare (Josh Mueller) – Former hero turned henchman to Dr. Yes, a leading member of the evil GLOVE organization.


The grid for this game:


Between Steve and John: Villains – Similarly themed villains fighting for the use of the same name PLUS a Need – to get even with the whole damned world.

Between John and Stacey: Family – Clones PLUS a Need – to get respect from the bureaucrats at GLOVE who classified you as a D-class villain.

Between Stacey and Josh: Minions – New recruit and Old hand PLUS an Object – a doomsday device, Dr. Thunder’s weather control device.

Between Josh and Steve: Heroes – Hunted vampires together back in the 70’s PLUS the Location – A rave in Stockholm.

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