Episode 029: Muffy Juice, pt1 (Fiasco)


Muffy Juice, part 1

Fiasco – Hollywood Wives

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“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.”
Marilyn Monroe

The brighter the sun the harder the shadows and LA is always sunny.


To learn more about how Fiasco is played check out our primer episode.

The characters for this game:

Muffy HoldenKampf (Ken Breese) – 22 year old trust fund heiress, party girl.

Alana Kardova-HoldenKampf (John Holt) – Second Wife (of three) to Papa HoldenKampf and mother of Muffy.

Ariel Allison (Stacey Douglass-Moverley) – Life coach to the rich and famous of LA.

Sabel O’Hare (Steve Moverley) – Accountant and gin-soaked gambler.


The grid for this game:

Between John and Ken: High Society – Eventual Heirs to the HoldenKampf Fortune PLUS the Need to cover up the name of the Real Baby Daddy.

Between Ken and Steve: Crime – Accountant and Client PLUS the Location Around Town – Betting on Horses at Santa Anita.

Between Steve and Stacey: Work – Life Coach and Work in Progress PLUS an Object – a Salacious Embarrassingly Awkward Sex Tape.

Between Stacey and John: Friendship – Frenemies PLUS the Need – to Utterly ruin anyone who gets in your way.

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Bored Ghosts we hope you found some distraction from your eternity in the void this week!

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