Episode 023: No Sweat, pt1 (Downfall)


No Sweat, part 1


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“There is no escape—we pay for the violence of our ancestors.”
Frank Herbert, Dune

The heart of downfall is the world you will play in. Our first episode is the creation of this world and the characters at the heart of it’s imminent destruction.

To learn more about how Downfall is played check out our primer episode.

The world of this game:


World Name: COM (Crucible of the Machine)

Flaw: Sloth

Elements: Fire, Music, Pasta


Birth- No one gives birth and more, children are provided in birthing pods randomly, no one knows their parents

Arts- Minimalist ‘gas organ’ music is all the rage, played on a central organ shaped like a lung

Death- A dying person must drag themselves to the Hall of Voice and hurl themselves into the lava. If their dead body is found it will be rolled out over the volcano’s lip.

Religion- Replacing your organs with mechanical part is to bring yourself closer to the divine, the ultimate symbol is to have your heart replaced with an external heart.

Education- When children do go to school they are sent to trade or management, the trade trained are tattooed with a hammer on their forehead.

Fashion- People wear pasta as clothes, which is destroyed as they move about. It is replaced each morning by robots. It is a status symbol to have pasta build up on your body.


The characters for this game:


The Hero is Do-Org 5.

A skinny person with some muscular definition, shaved bodily, the pasta it wears is thin because it is active. One blue eye, one brown sets them apart. Middle aged for their caste- 45 years. 100% organic as is standard for its caste. Works as an organ player for the central gas venting organ. Wants to express themselves beyond the bounds of minimalist creative taste of the day.


The Fallen is Do-Vent 5.

A bit more muscular definition, shaved bodily, the pasta it wears is almost nothing because it is very active. A metal jaw replacement makes it different from its caste. Middle aged for their caste- 45 years. Works as an engineer guiding the poisonous gases through the venting organ. Has grown up in apprenticeship and worked with Do-Org 5 for some 25 years.


The Pillar is La-V

A pasta encrusted upperclass citizen, only 20% of La-V is still organic. It lays about on a palanquin and rolls out to appreciate the music of Do-Org5

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