Episode 011: Mr & Mrs Dadeed pt1 (Ribbon Drive)


Mr & Mrs Dadeed, part 1

Ribbon Drive

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“If you have a story that seems worth telling, and you think you can tell it worthily, then the thing for you to do is to tell it, regardless of whether it has to do with sex, sailors or mounted policemen.”
Dashiell Hammett


ribbon drive

Ribbon Drive, by Avery Mcdaldno is a game built around mixtapes and road-trips. This story takes place over the course of two mixtapes. We all love making a mixtape, so the setup for this game was a joy. In this episode John gives a prompt at about 3 minutes 55 seconds to begin playing the mixtape in sync with the show, but it doesn’t need to sync up perfectly.

Mixtape 1: Ribbon Overdrive

  1. So Much – Madlib
  2. Ninety Nine and a Half Won’t Do – Wilson Pickett
  3. Sea Foam – Land of Talk
  4. Heart Attack of Love – Craig Werden*
  5. Queen Bitch – David Bowie
  6. Bumpin’ – Wes Montgomery
  7. Tighten Up – James Brown
  8. Jane – Jefferson Starship
  9. Big Empty – Stone Temple Pilots
  10. Lawful Neutral (Live off the Floor) – Chamber Band*
  11. Creep (Acoustic) [AOL Session] – Anberlin
  12. Spiderman ’79 – Veruca Salt
  13. Flute Loop – Beastie Boys
  14. Pusherman (Alternative Mix) – Curtis Mayfield
  15. Money Folder – Madvillain
  16. The Hop – A Tribe Called Quest
  17. The Red – Jaylib
  18. Zero Point (pt.1 & pt.2 – 45 Version) – Kashmere Stage Band*
  19. Silence – Portishead
  20. Down Under – Blonde Redhead
  21. Knives Out – Radiohead
  22. Tripoli – Pinback
  23. Condor Ave. – Elliot Smith
  24. I Me Mine – Beatles
  25. Roadhouse Blues – The Doors
  26. No Dice – Beirut
  27. Who Got da Props? – Black Moon
  28. Do you Know (Transition) – Madlib

*not on spotify- replaced with as close as John could get in the playlist above

The characters for this game:

Chip Hanley (Ken Breese) – Ex-cop turned P.I. is the personal fixit guy for the Dadeed family.


Charles Matz (Brian Jones) – Childhood friend of the Donna Wilson, bride-to-be, he is a recluse who still holds a torch for Donna Wilson.


Phoebe Wilson (Stacey Douglass-Moverely) – Sister to Donna Wilson, she is not convinced that this union is the right thing for her sister.


Peter Dadeed (John Holt) – Youngest child of the affluent Dadeed family, he idolizes his older brother and groom Jacob Dadeed.


Ribbon Drive’s creator Avery Mcdaldno is an amazing designer who’s work and dedication to story is one of the inspirations for us in starting this show.  Please explore her work on Buried Without Ceremony.

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Bored Ghosts we hope you found some distraction from your eternity in the void this week!

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