Episode 009: Summer Lovin, pt1 (Fiasco)


Summer Lovin, part 1

Fiasco – Camp Death

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Part 2:

EPISODE 010 // Summer Lovin part 2 // Fiasco


“We weren’t doing anything. We were just messing…” – Barry’s last words, Friday the 13th (1980)

camp death

On a quiet lake in the height of summer, hormones aren’t the only thing running rampant in Camp Henderson.  Join Ken Breese, John Holt, and Giaco Furino as they play Fiasco from Bully Pulpit Games using the Camp Death playset.


To learn more about how Fiasco is played check out our primer episode.

The characters for this game:

Derek DelVeccio (Ken Breese) – A love-struck teen camp-goer who is trying to impress the new counselor.

derek camp

Virginia Majors (John Holt) – The blossoming college co-ed who just went from camp attendee to counselor.

virginia camp

Vinnie Desimone (Giaco Furino) – An ex-counselor who hangs around selling pot to the camp-goers, parents, and counselors.

vinnie camp

The grid for this game:

Between Giaco and John: Stalker & Stalked – Giaco is the object of John’s sick obsession.

Between Ken and Giaco: Dealer & Pothead – Giaco has been selling Ken pot.

Between John and Ken: Romance, they made out ONCE, while drunk, as some stupid party.

There is a NEED to unearth the secrets at the heart of this town.

There is also a LOCATION element – a windstorm 

There is one OBJECT a pair of hedge clippers.

camp death grid

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