Episode 008: Barry & the Lee Bros. pt2 (Fiasco)


Barry & the Lee Bros. part 2

Fiasco – Manna Hotel

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EPISODE 007 // Barry & the Lee Bros. part 1 // Fiasco

Let’s get lucky.” – Bottle Rocket (1996)

Previously: The Lee Brothers and Barry found a bunch of booze, some Japanese WWII paraphernalia and fell down a spider hole.

manna hotel

And the TILT: Tragedy – confusion followed by pain & Failure – something precious is on fire!

hotel tilt

Our tale is of a small town, the secrets it hides, and guys that are bumbling their way through the mystery. Join Ken Breese, John Holt, and Giaco Furino as they play Fiasco from Bully Pulpit Games using the Manna Hotel playset.


To learn more about how Fiasco is played check out our primer episode.

The characters for this game:

Barry (Giaco Furino) – The ex-con lifelong friend of the brother who styles himself a spiritualist.


“General” Lee (Ken Breese) – The half-japanese ex-con and co-owner of the motor lodge with his brother Geddy.

general lee

Freddy “Geddy” Lee (John Holt) – General’s twin brother, and the favored son.

geddy lee


The grid for this game:

Between Giaco and John: they have a mentor/mentee thing going on, spiritual advisor to seeker.

Between Ken and Giaco: they shared a cell together in a Kansas Penitentiary.

Between John and Ken: they are twin brothers.

There is a NEED to unearth the secrets at the heart of this town.

There is also a LOCATION a tornado shelter.

There is one OBJECT a photo of an all-asian basketball team, circa 1931.


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