Episode 002: What’s at Stake? pt2 (Fiasco)


What’s at Stake? part 2

Fiasco – News Channel Six

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Listen to part 1 here:

EPISODE 001 // What’s at Stake? part 1 // Fiasco – News Channel Six

TV is no kiddy pool. Stop moving for a moment and you’re chum. The apex predators of these violent waters are the action news teams.

Join Ken Breese, Brian Jones, and John Holt as they venture into the churning waters of local news. This week they are playing Fiasco from Bully Pulpit Games using the News Channel Six playset by Chris Norwood, Ken Coble, and Tom Gurganus

To learn more about how Fiasco is played check out our primer episode.

previously on bored ghost (listen here):

Chuck Salisbury is the lead Anchor for Channel 6 News and Brock Stone is his co-anchor. The local fitness expert who runs the workout show on the network is Carly the Curl. Brock and Carly are working to get a scoop over on Chuck and Chuck is keeping a tight fist n the crown. There is a camp for Christ – Jesus Overarching Camp- that seems to rub Chuck Salisbury the wrong way. Things came to a head when Chuck Salisbury punched a protestor who accosted him in the News 6 lobby.

Now we’ve entered the TILT and added two new elements:

  1. Mayhem: Misdirected Passion
  2. Tragedy: Somebody’s life is changed forever, in a bad way

The characters for this game:

Clint Salisbury (John Holt) – The lead Anchor of Action Six News

fiasco news channel six

Carley ‘The Curl’ Smith (Ken Breese) – The fitness guru of a Channel Six workout show

fiasco news channel six

Brock Stone (Brian Jones) – The fledgling co-anchor of the Action Six News

fiasco new channel six

The grid for this game:

fiasco grid

Between Brian and John: they are both on the Action 6 News Team: one is the Tired Mentor the other an Ambitious Protege.

Between Ken and Brian: they are in an Us vs. Them relationship: and One is the star of another locally produced channel 6 show

Between John and Ken they are not fooling around, but everyone thinks they are.

There is a NEED to get famous by finally getting recognition of a human interest story.

There is also a NEED to make a difference by bringing down god’s wrath on this wicked heathen society. 

There is one OBJECT in the mix: a secret- someone has a contract with another station. 

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