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bored ghost?

bored ghost is a storytelling audio series that uses games to drive the stories. We play a variety of games, from independently published collaborative storytelling games to traditional roleplaying games, all towards one goal: telling stories.

We love stories and we love games.  On bored ghost we play games that let us tell stories. The world of roleplaying games has broadened and a number of new games are being designed to help foster the story in the game.  Our goal is to put character and story first, so you don’t need to know how a game works to enjoy the tales that are spun from it.


Episode 096: Semester of our Discontent, pt2 (Follow)

Episode 095: Semester of our Discontent, pt1 (Follow)

Episode 094: Grappling Heck, pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 093: Grappling Heck, pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 092: Better Off, pt2 (Tales from the Loop)

Episode 091: Better Off, pt1 (Tales from the Loop)

Episode 090: The Women of Maineville, pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 089: The Women of Maineville, pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 088: Hooked On Campfires pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 087: Hooked On Campfires pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 086: Genovese Fallacy, pt2 (The Final Girl)

Episode 085: Genovese Fallacy, pt1 (The Final Girl)

Episode 084: Time Sneks, pt2 (Dragons Conquer America)

Episode 083: Time Sneks, pt1 (Dragons Conquer America)

Episode 082: Grade A, pt2 (Follow)

Episode 081: Grade A, pt1 (Follow)

Episode 080: Summers of Fun pt2 (Home By Dark)

Episode 079: Summers of Fun pt1 (Home By Dark)

Episode 078: Let the horns do the thing they do pt2 (Downfall)

Episode 077: Let the horns do the thing they do pt1 (Downfall)

Episode 076: Wetrahedron pt2 (The Skeletons)

Episode 075: Wetrahedron pt1 (The Skeletons)

Episode 074: Decaying Orbit pt2 (Final Girl)

Episode 073: Decaying Orbit pt1 (Final Girl)

Episode 072: Cave Blossoms pt2 (The Skeletons)

Episode 071: Cave Blossoms pt1 (The Skeletons)

Episode 070: Animated Consent pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 069: Animated Consent pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 068: The Fetal Frontier pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 067: The Fetal Frontier pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 066: The Scorpion Departs pt2 (Home By Dark)

Episode 065: The Scorpion Departs pt1 (Home By Dark)

Episode 064: Wholly Holy Holey pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 063: Wholly Holy Holey pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 062: Blaze of Glory pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 061: Blaze of Glory pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 060: Laughter Birth pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 059: Laughter Birth pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 058: Her Sister’s Keeper pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 057: Her Sister’s Keeper pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 056: The Once and Future Thing pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 055: The Once and Future Thing pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 054: S-Creek pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 053: S-Creek pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 052: Bring Down the Hammer pt2 (Star Wars)

Episode 051: Bring Down the Hammer pt1 (Star Wars)

Episode 050: Reunion Tour pt2 (Ribbon Drive)

Episode 049: Reunion Tour pt1 (Ribbon Drive)

Episode 048: Pen Pals, pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 047: Pen Pals, pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 046: Village on the Barrowlands, pt2 (Kingdom)

Episode 045: Village on the Barrowlands, pt1 (Kingdom)

Episode 044: Die Nacht der Werwölfe (Fiasco)

Episode 043: This is Some Rescue! (Star Wars)

Episode 042: Sanitation Guidelines, pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 041: Sanitation Guidelines, pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 040: Cap that Nib, pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 039: Cap that Nib, pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 038: Permanent Residents, pt2 (Kingdom)

Episode 037: Permanent Residents, pt1 (Kingdom)

Episode 036: Repple Depple, pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 035: Repple Depple, pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 034: Reverse Vampirism, pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 033: Reverse Vampirism, pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 032: Repels Dust, pt2 (Downfall)

Episode 031: Repels Dust, pt1 (Downfall)

Episode 030: Muffy Juice, pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 029: Muffy Juice, pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 028: Old Growth, pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 027: Old Growth, pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 026: Home is Where? pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 025: Home is Where? pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 024: No Sweat, pt2 (Downfall)

Episode 023: No Sweat, pt1 (Downfall)

Episode 022: Haunt Owners Association, pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 021: Haunt Owners Association, pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 020: [Untranslatable Chanting], pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 019: [Untranslatable Chanting], pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 018: Nation of the Exceptional, pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 017: Nation of the Exceptional, pt1 (Fiasco)

Episode 016: Too Big to Fail, pt2 (Fiasco)

Episode 015: Too Big to Fail, pt1 (Fiasco)


Episode 014: Hellementary, pt2 (Fiasco)

rock band

Episode 013: Hellementary, pt1 (Fiasco)


Episode 012: Mr & Mrs Dadeed pt2 (Ribbon Drive)


Episode 011: Mr & Mrs Dadeed pt1 (Ribbon Drive)

summer lovin

Episode 010: Summer Lovin, pt2 (Fiasco)

camp death

Episode 009: Summer Lovin, pt1 (Fiasco)


Episode 008: Barry & the Lee Bros. pt2 (Fiasco)

manna hotel

Episode 007: Barry & the Lee Bros. pt1 (Fiasco)


Episode 006: Fancy Reunion pt2 (Ribbon Drive)

ribbon drive

Episode 005: Fancy Reunion pt1 (Ribbon Drive)


Episode 004: The Raven Trigger pt2 (Fiasco)

dragon slayers

Episode 003: The Raven Trigger pt1 (Fiasco)

whats at stake

Episode 002: What’s at Stake? pt2 (Fiasco)

EPISODE 001 What's at Stake? part 1 Fiasco - News Channel Six

Episode 001: What’s at Stake? pt1 (Fiasco)